U.S. Shooting Academy, 6500 East 66th St. North, Tulsa, Ok 74117

(918) 948-7856 / (866) 441-8772 usshootingacademytulsa@gmail.com

Services & Prices

Range Use Day Pass
Day Pass for all day range use is $20 per one shooter – children 12 years of age and younger are $10.00.

Weekly and Monthly Training
Introduction to Pistol, every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. for $40.00 person.
Basic Defensive Pistol, every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. for $50.00 person.
Self-Defense Act Concealed Carry, first Saturday of each month for $60.00 person.
Advanced pistol and rifle, alternating Saturdays, $200 (8 hrs.) or $100 (4 hrs.).
Advanced shotgun, first Sunday of each month, , $200 (8 hrs.) or $100 (4 hrs.).

Personal Training
Personal Training from one of our world-class instructors. Price per hour per student. Group rates available, call for more information. $75 per person, $90 per two people.

Host an Event or Match
Schedule your own Conceal Carry, Class 3 shoot, pistol/rifle shoot or bachelor/bridal party event. Whatever event needs a special event at the range. Open to price negotiation and terms for group rates.

FIREARM RENTALS: $15.00 PLUS AMMO--- Led Sled Rental and Spotting Scope $5.00 Starting Aug. 1st


Large and small frame semi-automatic handguns and revolvers:

  • CZ 75B  9mm
  • CZ 75B Omega 9mm
  • CZ PO1 alloy frame 9mm
  • CZ PO7 polymer frame 9mm
  • CZ PO7 .40
  • FNH FNS .40
  • Glock 17 9mm
  • Glock 19 9mm
  • Glock 43 9mm
  • Glock 20 10mm
  • Glock 21 .45
  • Grand Power X-Trim 9mm
  • Grand Power Excaliber 9mm
  • Grand Power GBA .380
  • Ruger LC9 9mm
  • Ruger SRC40 .40
  • S&W M&P .380
  • S&W Bodyguard .380
  • S&W 442 .38 Special
  • S&W 1911 .45 ACP
  • Sig Sauer 238
  • Springfield Armory XDS 4.0  .45 ACP
  • Steyr N40 .40
  • Walther PPQ 9mm
  • Walther PPS M2 9mm
  • Walther PPQ .22
  • Walther P22 QD .22


  • Armalite AR-15 in 5.56/.223
  • S&W M&P AR-15 in 5.56/.223
  • DPMS AR-15 (Panther Arms) in 5.56/.223
  • .22 cal. KSA Cricket

Shotguns are currently not offered for rental.

Machine Guns / Submachine Guns / Sniper Rifle

Plan a corporate or group event or bachelor party or bridal shower with class 3 weapons, shoot the fully automatics: MP5SD,  AK47 and the AR15 along with the 50 caliber Barrett.  The magazines for the full autos are $25.00/mag, and the Barrett runs $7.00/round, day pass is $20/shooter and a fee of $25/hr for each range safety officer.  Call and we will work with you to set one up an event with full autos.  Generally the minimum price to do a shoot is about $150.  Call if you’d like to work up a range event: 918-948-7856.

Rentals start at $25.00 per magazine of 25 rounds, $30.00 for the 50 round Glock 18c drum magazine. Barrett rifle ammo (.50-caliber) is priced per round, currently $7.00 per round.

We have over 50 full-auto guns to choose from, below is a sample. Please call to find out if we have a particular gun in inventory you would like to shoot.

  • M-16
  • AK-47
  • Uzi
  • MP-5
  • Glock 18c w/ 50 round drum magazine option
  • M3 .45-caliber “Grease Gun”
  • Thompson .45-caliber “Tommy Gun”
  • MP 40